T-7A Recapitalization
NEPA Documents


Joint Base San Antonio, Columbus AFB, Laughlin AFB, Vance AFB, & Sheppard AFB

T-7A Red Hawk in flight


Welcome to the U.S. Air Force’s homepage for the T-7A recapitalization program! T-7A recapitalization is the acquisition of new generation T-7A aircraft and construction and upgrade of specific facilities to support the pilot training and operations and maintenance of the T‑7A aircraft.

T-7A recapitalization is expected to occur at five military installations in the south-central United States over the coming decade.

This website is the U.S. Air Force’s homepage for the public to learn about and become involved in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process for each installation. A seperate website is established for each installation when its NEPA process commences. The U.S. Air Force encourages the public and interested parties to review the information and documents provided on these websites and participate in the NEPA processes.

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Photo Credits: Boeing T‑7A Red Hawk Website, July 2021. https://www.boeing.com/defense/t-7a/#/gallery