T-7A Recapitalization
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Joint Base San Antonio, Columbus AFB, Laughlin AFB, Vance AFB, & Sheppard AFB

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Government agencies, elected officials, community organizations, and individuals are encouraged to submit comments on this proposal. Comments may be submitted through any of the methods below:

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Postal Mail

Please print this comment form and mail your comment to:
Mr. Christopher Moore, AFCEC/CZN
Attn: T-X Recapitalization EIS
2261 Hughes Ave, Suite 155
JBSA-Lackland, TX 78236 9853

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Public Meeting

The Air Force hosted a public scoping meeting in Universal City on the evening of March 19 and in Seguin on the evening of March 20, 2019. Written and verbal comments were accepted during these meetings. Additional public meetings are scheduled for Fall 2019 in these cities.



Fall 2019
Universal City, Texas
Fall 2019
Seguin, Texas